I am trying to implement a dry run kind of mechanism for my script and facing the issue of quotes getting stripped off when a command is passed as an argument to a function and resulting in unexpec


Dec 2, 2020 Does it matter to surround string content in quote marks in Bash scripts? OTOH, shell quoting rules can be a bit arcane (see #2 above!), and if 

I'm having a problem with bash's quoting rules and I don't know how to solve it. I want to have a variable inside some kind of config file, where a list of commandline options can be specified. Double Quotes. Enclosing characters in double quotes (‘ " ’) preserves the literal value of all characters within the quotes, with the exception of ‘ $ ’, ‘ ` ’, ‘ \ ’, and, when history expansion is enabled, ‘! ’. When the shell is in POSIX mode (see Bash POSIX Mode ), the ‘! ’ has no special meaning within double quotes, even when history Special Characters and Quoting The characters <, >, |, and & are four examples of special characters that have particular meanings to the shell.

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Quoting. Always quote strings containing variables, command substitutions, spaces or shell meta characters, unless careful unquoted expansion is required or it’s a shell-internal integer (see next point). Use arrays for safe quoting of lists of elements, especially command-line flags. See Arrays below.

Quotes with text When you are assigning a few words of text it really doesn’t a matter whether you use, since they both will work exactly the same. In everyday speech or writing, when we "quote" a phrase, we set it apart and give it special meaning.

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Quoting a single character with the backslash. You can prevent the shell from interpreting a character by placing a backslash ("\") in front of it. You can list the file using this command: ls *\** In everyday speech or writing, when we "quote" a phrase, we set it apart and give it special meaning.

Bash quoting rules

The first thing to know about bash coding. If there is anything like a driver's license for safe bash coding, it must be rule zero of BashPitfalls: Always use quotes. An unquoted variable is to be treated as an armed bomb: It explodes upon contact with whitespace and wildcards. 2009-09-12 · Explains setting and displaying variables under Bash shell.
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The wildcards we … - Selection from Learning the bash Shell, Second Edition [Book] That's because $@ is an array, and quoting of arrays has different rules: "${array[@]}" or "$@" expands to members of the array "${array[*]}" or "$*" expands to elements of the array joined by the first character from the $IFS variable.

Writing a bash script, you always have three options around quoting your variables: Background. Which Shell to Use. Bash is the only shell scripting language permitted for executables.
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Bash quoting rules

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